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    MAX II 400-4500 Combo (Leton 25A Plus ESC)
Name:MAX II 400-4500 Combo (Leton 25A Plus ESC)
Listed Date:2007/4/7
Price: AUD$118.50
Sale: AUD$50.14

New new Cooling Design design! High efficiency!

Leton 25A Plus ESC

~Plus Version used the NEW MOS so that MAX current = 40A~

Application Fields: fix wing & Helicopter
Battery range:
LI-XX =2 ~ 4 cells; 7.2V ~14.4V
NI-XX =5 ~ 12 cells; 6.0V ~ 14.4V
Working Current: 25A-30A /40 A Surge 15S
PWM frequency: 8 KHz
Maximum RPM:
2-pole motor / 210,000 rpm
6-pole motor / 70,000 rpm
12-pole motor / 35,000 rpm
OHP, Over Heat protection
OVP, Over Voltage (battery) Protection
LVP, Low Voltage Protection (soft cutoff)
BEC Current: 2A(Max.)
Ambient Temperature: 0℃- 50℃
Weigh: 22 g
Size: 40 x27 x 8(mm)

●High rate 8 KHz switching (PWM); Supported highest motor speed: 210000 RPM (2 poles), 70000 RPM (6 poles), 35000 RPM (12 poles)
●Dynamic braking ensures prompt prop folding.
●Over Heat Protection.(OHP)
●User easily Programmable ESC Features by our ESC Programming Card.
●Low-voltage soft-cutoff protection, cause Throttle going slow down.
●Battery range protection, when the voltage of the battery pack is lower/higher than the Battery range threshold, the alarm status is activated.
●Brake/No Brake operation. Stop folding props cold — or let fixed props freewheel.
●Safe “power on” arming program ensures motor will not accidentally turn on.
●Low torque “soft start” prevents damage to fragile gearboxes.
●Auto shut down in 2sec after when RX signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe.
●Throttle Range can be auto setting during at first power on time.
●ESC can make brushless motor play a music when all the setting is ready to go.

Operation Produce:
1.Choose right Battery voltage range according to LETON ESC input range.
2. Automatic Throttle adjustment for using on every transmitter.
3. Setting Brake or Non-brake mode .
The following setting needs programming card
4. LETON ESC has program card setting or manual setting function
5. Setting right Battery type, Li-xx or NICD/NIHM battery, for Low Voltage Protection (LVP) function. When battery voltage drops to the LVP level, the motor output decreased gradually instead of a sudden-stop. This low voltage battery warning function allows an early safe landing on R/C aircraft.
6. 8 selectable “ready to go” melody.
7. can be used for both fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter models
8. LETON ESC has factor programmed for soft start function.
9. ESC has start and over heat protection function.。
10. The motor will decrease its power to full stop if the receiver is out of the control range. Back to the receiving range the motor power will be resumed.

ATTENTION: In field use, switch-on the transmitter and always make sure that the throttle is on the low end before connecting the battery. The controller will detect battery voltage once the battery is connected.

1. Manual setting:
A. Throttle range setting: move the throttle stick to the top point, then connect battery to LETON ESC, 2 short “B-B” will be heard from the brushless motor, then remove the stick to the low end. When the setting is ready a melody will be heard.
B. Non-Brake setting: switch on transmitter and moving the stick to the top end then connect the battery to LETON ESC. Wait until 3 short “B-B-B” be heard from the brushless motor, removing the stick to the low end. When the setting is ready a melody will be heard.
C. Brake setting: switch on the transmitter and move the stick to the top end. Connect battery to ESC. Wait until 4 short “B-B-B-B” be heard from the brushless motor, then by removing the stick to the low end. When the setting is ready a melody will be heard.

2. Program card setting:
setting up by program card. (for more detail please read the program card instruction)

Hear the start-up melodies and see the dip-switch settings

See how easy it is the use this ESC with the programming card

MAX II 4500KV Custom Made, manufactured by LETON
• 2.3mm output shaft
• Max continuos current 36 amps
• Weight 46.g, KV:4500
• Diameter 26mm, Length w/o shaft 24mm

Unique design enable effective heat dispersion. Allow motor to perform at its optimal condition. Insignificant warm at the end of the flight.
Motor Cooling Test Video

Suit to Flying Wing (Zagi) and High speed plane and EDF or replace GWS EPS 400 brushed motor

Recommended Prop: 5" for Zagi or EDF

Test data
400/3 SF EDF+ 3cell = Thrust 590g/ 23A
400/6 SF EDF+ 3cell = Thrust 650g/ 31A



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