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    Jeti BOX
Name:Jeti BOX
Listed Date:2006/6/14
Price: AUD$82.50
Sale: AUD$58.17

What does the JETI box stand for ?

Communication with SPIN controllers(in the future with other products of our company)

Measurement of pulse widths at the receiver output (shows the pulse width in milliseconds and the receiver supply voltage)

Pulse generator (generates control pulses which can be adjusted by means of push buttons and shows abreast the servo supply voltage. This function is very well suited for servo adjustments directly in the plane without the necessity of receiver installation and the use of a transmitter.)

Servo cycling (following adjustments are possible: number of cycles, servo throw, cycling speed. Can be used to verify servo lifetime (burn in) and their function.)

Measurement of servo speed (a result of this measurement is the time which the servo needs to travel from one defined position to another position. Limiting points may be defined for a 60° servo arm throw. Measurements can be executed with no load or with a servo installed in the plane with factual steering lever conditions. In accordance with measuring results the ratio between the resulting speed (servo load) and the expected throw can be optimized.)

Connecting up SPINs to the JETI box:

Basically there are three modes offered:

read out of values recorded by the controller during flight

detailed adjustment of parameters

fast adjustment of all parameters to predetermined values according to mode of application

1. During flight the controller is recording the following values:

Maximum and minimum temperature including the occurence moment time of the extreme value.

Maximum and minimum current including the occurence moment time of the extreme value.

Maximum and minimum voltage including the occurence moment time of the extreme value.

Maximum motor speed including the occurrence moment time of the extreme value.

Motor run time

Flight time

Error symptoms (temperature, voltage, commutation, current), if occurred

2. Adjustment of the controller with the SPIN box

Temperature protection (adjustable from 60° to 110° with steps of 1°)

The brake can be simply adjusted to four predefined intensities including deactivation. For a more complex brake adjustment the controller offers the possibility of manual adjustment. By means of the input of four parameters any arbitrary brake intensity can be achieved. This is the question of a time sector of braking delay (0 to 7 seconds), starting adjustment (0 to 80%) and final adjustment (10 to 100%) of the braking intensity and the time after which the controller will transfer between these adjusted points (0,1 to 5 seconds). The precision of adjustment is given by a step of 0,1 second with respect to time data and 2 % with respect to intensity data.

Motor timing (from 0° to 30° with a step of 1°)

Switching rate 8 or 32 kHz

Acceleration, a time value can be set which corresponds to an acceleration from 0 to 100 % of power (from 0,2 to 7 seconds with steps of 0,1)

Adjustment of driving battery type including cell number and shut down voltage for 1 cell. The resulting value of the adjusted voltage is shown for control purposes on the display.

Adjustment of the controller properties when the adjusted shut down voltage is reached. Either immediate motor shut down or gradual power decrease.

Furthermore, the starting and final point of regulation can be adjusted dependent on the input pulse from the receiver. This can be achieved by automatic detection and adjustment to the input pulse or by fixed adjustment (with steps of 0,01 ms).

Regulation curve (logarithmic, linear or exponential progress).

Change of the direction of rotor rotation.

Switching off or switching on the monitor of adjusted timings. After switching on the controller provides informations about the timing adjustment of the motor by means of beeps (into the motor).

The controller can be set to the helicopter control mode either for the mix and collective pitch mode or for the rotor speed mode. The latter allows adjustment of minimum and maximum rotor speed along with their control sensitivity. For an exact adjustment it is necessary to enter the gear ratio and the number of poles.

3. In accordance with the mode of application the controller can be reprogrammed by six predefined adjustments. These adjustments cover an aerobatic plane with a classic type motor, an aerobatic plane with an outrunner, furthermore a glider (both types of motors) and a helicopter for normal or 3D flying.

In the course of development of new brushless controllers we were anxious to satisfy as far as possible requirements of users and keep a balance between simplicity and the to-day available comfort.

User Manual



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